Is my dahlia tuber okay?

Here's a visual guide to some things you may see on your dahlia tuber.

This is what a dormant eye looks like.

dormant eye

This eye is starting to wink open.

eye winking open

This eye is in the pearl stage.

eye pearl stage

Sprouts can be white, green, pink, purple or red.

purple dahlia sprout

This is what it looks like when a sprout breaks off.

broken off sprout

The area will heal and new sprouts will start to form around it.

broken off sprout new eyes

Roots can develop both from the crown and the end. Sometimes there might be vermiculite or cedar shavings stuck to the roots.

dahlia roots

You might notice these warty patches on some tubers. These are lenticels. When the tuber is in the ground this is how it absorbs water.


In some cases the lenticels puff up like popcorn in storage to release water.

puffed lenticles

The puffed up lenticels crack the skin and when it dries out it looks like this.

dried puffed lenticles

It's normal for the tuber skin to peel a little.

This is a normal amount of skin shriveling or wrinkling for a dahlia tuber.

shriveling wrinkling