No Refunds or Replacements Policy and Dahlia Disease Policy

No Refunds or Replacements Policy

We do not offer refunds or replacements for ANY purchases. This includes but is not limited to the following scenarios:

  • We do not refund/replace any tubers, cuttings or products lost or damaged during shipping.
  • We do not refund/replace tubers or cuttings that shrivel, rot or die before planting.
  • We do not refund/replace tubers or cuttings that rot/die in the ground.
  • We do not refund/replace seeds or tubers that don't sprout.
  • We do not refund/replace tubers or cuttings that grow stunted.
  • We do not refund/replace tubers or cuttings that don't bloom.
  • We do not refund/replace tubers or cuttings that exhibit disease.

All sales are final after correcting for Packaging Errors and Storage Loss Before Shipping as outlined below.

Packaging Errors: Open the packaging and inspect your tubers immediately. Make sure you received the correct amount and the correct varieties. If your order is incorrect (missing or wrong varieties), you must contact us within seven days. We will ask for a photo of your order items and compare it to the photo we took before shipping. If in error, we will correct the order by sending out the correct varieties or refunding the missing varieties. After seven days all sales are final.

Storage Loss Before Shipping: Loss of tubers during storage is common for certain varieties. We undersell our stock of tubers by 75%. However, it is possible that between the time you purchase and the time we begin shipping, tubers may rot in our storage. If that happens, we will notify you and refund the purchase price of the tuber that is no longer available. If you ordered other varieties, they will ship as expected. If you did not order any other varieties, your shipping fee will also be refunded. We are not able to offer the option of a replacement variety or substitutes.

Loss During Shipping: We do not offer replacements or refunds for orders lost or damaged during shipping.

How We Select Tubers

Every tuber is hand-checked for eyes immediately before they are placed in a package to ship. We circle the eyes for you. We ship tubers that have one or more of the following types of eyes:

  1. Dormant eyes: these are still asleep and look like a crack, pimple or blemish on the crown. They will wake up given the right care. Most of our tubers are shipped in a dormant state.
  2. Awake eyes: these are beginning to open and resemble a small pearl. Eyes can be white, green, pink, purple or red.
  3. Sprouted eyes: a full sprout developing out of an eye. Sprouts can be white, green, pink, red or purple.

In short, every tuber we ship has been deemed "plantable" and if we don't sell it to you, we plant it in our own field. Every year our field is booming with the smallest, wrinkliest and ugliest tubers in our stock. We ship and sell our A, B & C grade tubers and we plant our D, E & F grade tubers.

Shopper Conduct

We will not tolerate rudeness. If you choose to post on social media in a way that would damage our reputation as a grower, farmer, or business owner OR email, DM or chat us rude messages, we will block your email and social profiles from further communication and give you a permanent block from our store.

If you initiate a chargeback against us, we will permanently block you from further purchases in our store. We will also tell every single tuber seller we know about that conduct. Tuber sellers talk to each other quite a bit behind the scenes. Shopper misconduct is regularly discussed and we share our own private ban lists.

If we see you disparaging another grower or seller online we will block you from purchases in our store. If we see you telling a buyer to name-and-shame a seller online we will block you from purchases in our store. If we see you telling a buyer to do a chargeback on another seller we will block you from purchases in our store. Pretty much, if we see you acting rudely to ANY dahlia seller anywhere on the internet, we don't want you as a customer and will block you. Period.

Dahlia Disease Policy

We passed our Washington State Department of Agriculture inspection which checks for virus on October 3, 2023. We are a WSDA licensed nursery.

According the American Dahlia Society's ongoing virus research, an average of 87% of healthy, asymptomatic dahlia plants carry at least one dormant virus. You can expect that 87% of the tubers we sell (and every other tuber producer sells) have dormant virus.

Our goal is to grow healthy plants. That means they bloom vigorously and are asymptomatic, even if they carry a dormant virus.

Insects are the primary vector for dahlia disease so we employ a extremely strict insect management program and spray for pests every 2 weeks throughout the season as recommended by Kristine Albrecht of KA dahlias. We have a zero tolerance policy for aphids and thrips. Our first line of defense is Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew OMRI listed organic spray and horticultural oil. If needed we spot treat with pyrethrins.

All plants that show virus symptoms are culled. We cull all the way until frost. This is part of the reason why we do not harvest tuber clumps prior to the first killing frost. Many late season symptoms of disease are apparent right before frost which we continue to cull. We also cull stunted or sickly plants with no obvious viral leaf patterns.

We do not pay for virus testing on our plants. If provided, we complete virus testing as directed by our WSDA inspector.

We regularly sanitize our tools but DO NOT sanitize between snips when cutting flowers. We host u-pick visitors in our dahlia field. We DO sanitize our cutting tools between clumps while dividing.

All plants exhibiting gall are culled. We dig out and dispose dirt from the location of the plant with gall, then do 15 minutes of propane torch treatment followed by a minimum of 6 months of solarization.