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Cut Flower Dahlia Last Chance Box

Cut Flower Dahlia Last Chance Box

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Take advantage of our overstock, runt and misfit sale. In this box you will get 10 named and labeled dahlia tubers picked from the fantastic fully double, cut flower varieties listed in our store. You will receive at least 4 different dahlia varieties in your box.

Every tuber will have a well sprouted eye. Some will have a very large sprout! About 75% of these tubers will be runts or misfits... they may be small, wrinkly, have slight body damage or be just plain ugly. However they are all healthy and plantable.

Your box of 10 dahlia tubers will ship via USPS Ground Advantage shipping. Local porch pickup is available.

The tubers will be picked from the following dahlia varieties:

  • AC Bugsy
  • Betty Anne
  • Citron du Cap
  • Clearview Crackerjack
  • Colorado Classic
  • Fluffles
  • GG's Alessandro
  • Gitts Attention
  • Lavender Perfection
  • Ms Kennedy
  • Narrows Pam
  • Pink Robin Hood
  • Robin Hood
  • Rocco
  • Rose Toscano
  • Small World
  • Snoho JoJo
  • Snoho Sonia
  • Valley Rust Bucket
  • Willo Violet
  • Winholme Diane
  • Woodland's Naomi
  • Wyn's Pink Pearl
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