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Ferncliff Violet

Ferncliff Violet

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No tubers in 2024. Storage failure.

Ferncliff Violet is a cheerful violet dahlia. It has just a touch are warm golden glow at the heart of the petals. One of my little Rosie's favorites! She is loaded with blooms all season.

This purple, small, formal decorative dahlia was introduced by Jack. The ADS classifies this as a 3009.

Size: BB - Small - 4" to 6"

Form: FD - Formal Decorative

Color: PR - Purple

Height: 4 feet in our field

ADS Classification: 3009

Our dahlia code is FCVIO

Where to buy Ferncliff Violet dahlia tubers? We sell Ferncliff Violet dahlia bulbs right here at Idlewild Blooms! You can wishlist Ferncliff Violet on this page and get a notification as soon as inventory is available. We typically have Ferncliff Violet dahlia tubers for sale in January each year and we ship in April.

All dahlia tubers are shipping via USPS priority mail with tracking and up to $100 in insurance.

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